TAC v1.1 Released (Minor Fixes)

Hey we just released a new version of our WordPress Theme checker – TAC (Theme Authentication Checker) v 1.1 The first release (v 1.0) had some poorly coded styling that would break down under certain circumstances, so we took care of it.

TAC: Version 1.1 (Fixes)

  • Style sheet doesn’t explode any more when certain threats are detected
  • Modified code snippet output to prevent interfering with page structure
  • Improved styling for slightly more appealing output

2 thoughts on “TAC v1.1 Released (Minor Fixes)

  1. Interesting idea. I had considered something along these lines, but I was thinking about a more generic approach, by detecting the obfuscated code directly, not looking for the unobfuscator.

    Looking at the source, I see that you’re mainly checking for “base64″. You might also want to check for “uudecode” or “uuencode” as these can also hide code in the same manner. See the convert_uudecode() function in PHP.

    You might also check for “urldecode” too. It can’t hide code, but it can be used to make it less obvious.

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