First Release: PhotoRec Sorter

Platform: Windows (NT/2K/XP/VISTA) (9x Untested)

I regularly use PhotoRec to retrieve files from inaccessible file systems for customers, and to make sorting through the rescued files a bit easier I usually organized them by file type (.exe, .pdf, .doc. etc.)Normally I do this with Cygwin and the find command ( find ./ -name *.pdf -exec mv -v {} ./PDF/ ; ) but I end up having to make directories for each file type extension and run the command once for each file type. I started to right a bash script to speed up the process then realized that AuoItv3 would be much more appropriate and put together this script + stand-alone executable.

Project Page: PhotoRec Sorter

6 thoughts on “First Release: PhotoRec Sorter

  1. Hello buildBackwards! Guys. Simply put. You nailed it! The PhotoRec Sorter is -superb- and works exactly as advertised.

    I set it to work on two PhotoRec folders full of “recup_dir” directories last night and a few minutes later, all of the files were neatly sorted into folders by file type. Very VERY cool! And boy is it fast!

    This is a tremendous benefit to me and my data recovery clients. Thank you very much for making it!

    I’d like to offer a couple suggestions for the next revision. Granted, these are really only polishing. As is, it’s fantastic…
    1. At the end, create a “_MISC” or “_UNSORTED” folder and move any files not caught by your routine’s net into it. Then, all of the empty PhotoRec recup_dir’s can be safely deleted.

    2. Update the console to show a progress meter (% complete, time remaining, etc.), instead of all the folders, filenames, etc. flashing by.

    3. Show a message or summary dialog box when finished (time to complete, number of files processed, number of folders created, etc.)

    4. A version that works in Linux (Ubuntu)…

    Once again, wonderful job guys! I look forward to what’s next. Please keep me posted.

    Happy New Year! 2009!

    James W. Watts
    Charlotte, NC

  2. Works amazing, & excellent, aside from the polish mentioned above. i did noticed that if the same name exisited it would overwrite it with the new file. recoupdir.1123.jpg then recoupdir.2123.jpg the recoupdir.2123.jpg would overwrite the 1st one. since this would be the inital tool to begin the process. i think it sould rename the duplicate name with a random name untill it can be verified…….. only real down fall i see …(aside being only for recoupdir.* folders, but hey i’ll rename my other folders to be able to use such an awsome tool) excellent.

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