CyanogenMod: An Operating System Which Can Overtake Android in Coming Years

CyanogenMod is an open source firmware distribution used for smartphones and tablets based on Android Operating system. Firmware is the software which is written on small-spaced memory chipsets mainly embedded at the time of manufacturing and never upgraded when the product is alive.

CyanogenMod OS

The embedded software is known as firmware which is intermediate between hardware and software. It offers features which are not available for official Android based firmware. It can also be called as a customised version of Android.

CyanogenMod is based on a rolling-release development model. Many mobile technology companies use CyanogenMod as a default OS. CyanogenMod is an open source framework where is available with a license where the copyright holder provides you with the right to read, alter and distribute it to anyone for a purpose.

Cyanogenmod can be a firmware replacement for Android mobiles in coming years. You can also call it a third party replacement for Android.

CyanogenMod Operating System Features

Features include an associated theming support. FLAC(Free Lossless Audio Codec) audio codec support which allows compression of digital audio., a large access Point Name list and an OpenVPN client, a modified reboot menu, support for WI-Fi, Bluetooth and USB tethering. It is free from all types of spyware and bloatware which were a bug found in Android Operating System.

CPU overclocking is an another important feature in which the specification or configuration of computer hardware starts working at the increased speed which was certified by the developer or manufacturer. It supports for tethering over standard Interfaces, Performance functions, unlockable bootloader and root access.

CyanogenMod has also integrated OTA( over the air) updates so that you can get new visions with a single tap or click.

Ideas behind CyanogenMod

It was developed by a CyanogenMod open source community which allows you to access this Firmware with a licensing format similar to such as Linux, Fedora, etc. CyanogenMod is written with the help of three essential programming languages such as core C, C++ and Java. It belongs to the family of Unix-like.

Platforms used by CyanogenMod are x86 system and ARM. Monolithic kernels used as a kernel type. For the latest versions such as 9,10,11,12,13, the default user interface is Trebuchet Launcher.

Why install CyanogenMod on your Android Device?

CyanogenMod is the most known custom ROM (Read Only Memory) for your Android devices. It is an unofficial replacement for Android; it provides a right touch to Google’s original version than the current version of Android smartphone or tablet have.

Let’s take an example of CyanogenMod 11 to discuss some adorable features of this firmware-

1) Up to date, stock Android

CyanogenMod provides you latest version of Android. It’s a pure stock with a lot

Of additional features. CyanogenMod adds a lot of their handpicked apps. However, they respect Google’s interface. It also has an Integrated OTA (“Over the Air”) updates.

2) Privacy Guard

As we have discussed earlier Privacy Guard allows you to display a notification when you are using an app with blocked permissions. You will this under Settings> Privacy> Privacy Guard.

3) SuperUser

It is used for integrating Root permissions.CyanogenMod gives you access to Root which can be enabled or disabled whenever the user wants for his entire devices such as smartphone or tablet.

4) Themes

Control panel for themes allows you to install and pick themes of your choice with packs of themes, sound, style, font and even boot animations to customise your choice where as Android lacks these features. Cyanogen theme showcase allows you to download and browse them with ease.

5) Interface TweaksInternet setting toolbar is packed with a lot of options to choose from. You can quick tweak your notification bar, navigation bar and set control panel by saving a lot of time.

6) Equalizer

The DSP manager provides you with an app to equalise your sound effects according to your needs with options such as Enable, excellent strength, etc.

7) Profiles

This has unique profile options to choose from such as the automobile for when you are driving, work profile when you are busy at work and night profile while sleeping along with all basic profile options.

There are a lot of distinct features in CyanogenMod when compared to Android. This is the future of all the smartphones and tablets in the coming time.

The central fact to know is CyanogenMod is not permitted to ship the Google-Apps with their ROM but can download it for your Android devices.