What is THE USPS?

  • United States Postal Services and has been in existence since  1971. It’s a self-reliant government unit and is the single most prominent distribution entity that can deliver to any destination in the United States.USPS serves more than 155 million recipients and doesn’t get government financial assistance to facilitate its day to day operations but depends on its revenue emanating from postage business.

What’s is USPS LiteBlue?

USPS LiteBlue is the mandated online platform to access your USPS staff account. You can only access it if you work for USPS. It allows you to check on your salary issues, soft copies of your income, career progression, provide your responses, amongst other things.

More importantly, USPS LiteBlue is a robust online mechanism that enables its authorized personnel to communicate efficiently and securely within the organization. Any unpermitted login attempt will subject you to legal consequences.

Click Here to Log into Liteblue

usps Liteblue login

Advantages of USPS LiteBlue login

  • Amend your contact details and place of residence.
  • Obtain requisite USPS personnel resources.
  • Linguistic diversity support addressed as it provides versions for Spanish and Chinese, but the principal language remains English.
  • Processes data for many employees, more than half a million.  
  • There is a leeway for staff to submit their comments.
  • View your salary details at a glance
  • You can acquaint yourself with the staff assistance schemes
  • Retrieve information about your leave days.
  • Amend next of Kin details.
  • View your online staff profile in LiteBlue.
  • Requisition for your income statement.

How to Log in to LiteBlue?

Firstly, you can only use it if you work for UPS, and you must have your staff ID and USPS self-serve credentials to access the LiteBlue website at

1.Staff ID

All staff members are required to be conversant with their ID. In case you have forgotten, you can obtain it from your income statement, it has eight numbers.

2.USPS Credentials

Beginning 28th April 2014, you can use your credentials to access the self-serve online platform of USPS and LiteBlue.If  you don’t have the login credentials, then you can create one as below;

How to create a fresh USPS self-serve credentials

With effect from 28th April 2014, you have to devise unused self-service credentials popularly referred to as (SSP)  which you will use to access LiteBlue.If you have not designated a password or you have forgotten, then visit the below page.

  • If you have forgotten password, kindly click on the ‘’Forgot password ‘’ as indicated below.
  • Upon feeding in your eight digits number, clip-on “verify Employee ID.”
  • Keenly adhere to the screen instructions.
  • You shall get an authentication link in your email inbox.
  • Click on that thread to create new credentials.

Necessarily that’s how to configure new SSP credentials to access USPS  LiteBlue.Now that you have both staff ID and credentials, you can proceed to log in.

USPS LiteBlue Final login procedure

  • Access the official home page at
  • On the page, you shall get two mandatory slots.
  • Key in the correct details on Employee ID and USPS password slots
  • Then, tap on the login field.
  • Shortly, your USPS LiteBlue will appear.
  • The process of logging in securely and effortlessly ends there.

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 USPS LiteBlue Credentials Amendments Procedure.

  • Access sign-in page at
  • Tap on “Forget your Password” below.
  • Authenticate your staff ID.
  • Key-in your staff ID number.
  • Shortly, credentials reconfiguration will commence.
  • Your new password will appear in a matter of minutes.

That ‘s you go about changing USPS LiteBlue credentials. Advantages of Self-Service Profile (SSP).

USPS LiteBlue enables the USPS to simplify and efficiently manage the massive  USPS staff welfare matters seamlessly. It’s a fantastic staff welfare system that allows you to query conveniently about most welfare issues affecting you without going to inquire physically from HR personnel. On the other hand, it saves the organization the agony of sorting out HR matters manually, which saves both time and money.